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Labor Law Poster Compliance Solutions for the Modern Workforce

Labor law poster compliance isn’t just mandatory, it’s complicated!

State and federal regulations require employers to place certain labor law posters in the workplace. The problem is that labor laws frequently change, resulting in new, or updated, required postings. And when they change, employers are obligated to replace the outdated posters with the most recent versions, or risk hefty fines and lawsuits.

Moreover, labor law poster requirements are not limited to state and federal regulations, as many cities and counties throughout the United States have their own labor laws and posting rules. This makes keeping your business compliant on your own even more complicated.

  • Most employers are unaware of the many mandatory changes throughout the year.
  • Many city and counties have their own requirements which also change frequently.
  • Employers risk fines and lawsuits for non-compliance.
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Worksite Labor Posters

Put Labor Law Poster Compliance on Auto Pilot.

Important Features

  • Pay as you go subscription—low upfront cost, low risk, cancel anytime
  • New up to date poster containing mandatory state and federal labor law postings
  • Automatic updates by email when changes occur
  • Options for included Anniversary Posters or Replacement Posters are available
  • Online resources for city, county, specialized, and optional labor law posters
  • QR Codes on all posters for easy compliance tracking
  • Attorney-approved
  • $25,000 We-Pay-The-Fine Guarantee!

Remote Employee Solutions

When the Paper Poster Isn’t Enough

As more employees are working remotely than ever before, employers have a new problem – comply with labor law poster regulations for REMOTE workers, or face increased risk of fines and lawsuits.

Most employers know that they are required by law to place certain posters in the workplace. However, many employers do not know they have the same obligation to provide these posters to their remote employees, or face increased risk of fines and lawsuits.

This is why we created ePosterService, an online, intelligent system to assist employers in effortlessly maintaining poster compliance for the remote workforce.

High Risk Scenarios:

  • An employee that normally works from your physical workplace begins working from home, but home is in a different city, county or even state and has different labor law requirements.
  • New federal and state labor law updates are released for Earned Sick Time and FMLA regulations (based on COVID-19), but your workforce is not onsite to access them in the breakroom.
  • There is a remote employee dispute or lawsuit stemming from Paid Leave, Pregnancy Accommodation, Discrimination, Gender Equity, Minimum Wage, Working Conditions, etc. and the remote employee did not have access to the applicable labor law notice(s).